Chris is a project manager and designer with a strong penchant for form and details.  Chris received his architectural degree from the University of Notre Dame where he studied and became skilled at traditional architecture.  As part of his studies Chris lived and studied for a year in Rome, exploring the complex history and forms of classical Roman architecture.  Chris' education and practice in traditional architecture have given him a background which he draws from in designing forms that range from the contemporary to ancient.


Chris' passion for design is expressed not only in architecture; he designs and builds furniture, develops architectural hardware and fixtures, and finds that the consideration of these elements informs his approach to designing buildings.  Chris' artistic ability is also rounded out with formal training in watercolour painting and continuing education and interest in photography.


Chris believes that giving back to the community is of vital importance.  He has served as the Chair of St. Dominic's Buildings and Grounds, co-chair of the St. Dominic's Administration Committee, tutored underprivileged children, and built homes for families in need.


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