Thayer Hopkins Architects is based on the archetypal model of the atelier, in which groups of skilled artists bring their best ideas to the table and develop collective abilities through collaboration, review and critique, continuing discourse and examination of concepts.


We employ a variety of design exploration and presentation techniques both traditional and technological, including the use of physical models, hand drawn graphics, collage, photography and computer aided design. Our atelier has combined various mediums to develop ideas, convey design intent and communicate details, and it is common for watercolor rendering to be completed for the finished presentation of a design. CAD is typically utilized for producing the document package from which the project is realized and constructed.


We believe that the best design comes from a team that constantly seeks ongoing education and continued personal growth.  We encourage our staff to attend lectures, classes and seminars on a multitude of subjects including passive energy design, historic study and preservation, building codes and new materials.


The office supports and participates in various nonprofit organizations and encourages the volunteer commitment and philanthropic efforts of our staff. Many years of volunteer commitment for various local and national community organizations have frequently led to positions of leadership, developing into longstanding and rewarding relationships that contribute to the ethos and growth of the office.


We encourage our staff to pursue interests and passions in music, photography, print making, painting, furniture and other artistic endeavors. They may draw inspiration from special exhibitions, lectures, readings, workshops or travel. These creative explorations further round out our background and contribute to a better design result for our clients, ensuring the growth and development of the firm.