Thayer Hopkins Architects is a multidisciplinary atelier which takes a collaborative approach to design. The firm engages in a variety of projects that include residential, commercial and institutional buildings; outdoor spaces; furniture; hardware and building product design. Every project is approached with a fresh eye and an examination of client requirements and site conditions, while also bringing the larger geographical, historical and environmental context into consideration.  


Collaboration exists on many levels; the process begins by listening to client needs and aspirations in order to develop a thorough understanding of individual project requirements. The project is initially begun through open communication between client and architect. Every design concept within the firm progresses through an internal team process of exploration, critique and review, which is further developed through collaboration with consultants and contractors by drawing on the combined expertise of the entire team.  


Each project provides the opportunity to create a unique and balanced response to specific circumstances.  In the design process we consider many environmental factors including landscape and siting, climate, geology, solar orientation and shading, regional vernacular and historical context, and energy use. Our call to architecture lies in finding a balance between these given elements, meeting the individual needs of our client within the constraints of time and economics. It is our intent to engage in a process of thoughtful consideration and to produce work of lasting value.