Changes in the way we live and work require that we ask new questions and examine how we can effectively adapt our homes and businesses in response.  When you have a need for design services the availability of quality professional help shouldn’t be limited by the scale of your project. Over the years we have heard “we are coming to you when we have a bigger project” far too often. We have wanted to be there for you, even if your project required only a few days of design.

In response to the need of help with small projects and our desire to fill that void we have formed a division of the firm called the ‘Small Projects Team’. Led by our Team leader Rosemary Brito, we are now able to address projects of all scales.  Rosemary’s international experience working on a wide range of projects give her a unique perspective and set of skills that help our clients achieve successful results.

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Photo by Tyler Chartier


Photo by Tyler Chartier